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Alcohol-free Gløgg Set (Limited Edition)

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1 x RumISH 50cl
1 x Alcohol-free Cabernet Sauvignon
1 x Mill & Mortar Ruby Gløgg-syrup
1 x Mill & Mortar organic almonds & cranberries
1 x Recipe card 


Merry Mindful Christmas. We have created the perfect alcohol-free gløgg (aka mulled wine aka Glühwein). With carefully selected ingredients, we have put together a set that makes it easy for you to mix up a non-alcoholic gløgg that you never would guess was alcohol-free.

How to serve your alcohol-free Gløgg
Serves around 10 people

2 parts RumISH
4 parts non-alcoholic red wine
1 part Ruby Gløgg-syrup

Mix all of the ingredients in a pot. Gently heat the ingredients at a low temperature while stirring. Your non-alcoholic Gløgg is ready to be served when it’s nice and warm. We recommend adding a spoonful of Mill & Mortar organic almonds and cranberries in each glass, a slice of fresh orange and a cinnamon stick for garnish.


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Natural ingredients

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Alcohol-free Gløgg Set (Limited Edition)

549.00 kr
  • Why do some of your products contain traces of alcohol?

    The process of extracting flavors from plants sometimes require a small amount of alcohol to release its full flavor. This is why some ISH products are labeled with minimal traces of alcohol. To compare, orange juice and goma dressing contain 0,3%-0,4% alcohol, as does many other everyday products. Therefore it's perfectly safe to consume alcohol-free products labelled with less than 0,5% alcohol, also if you are pregnant.

  • Is ISH safe to enjoy while pregnant?

    All ISH products are perfectly safe to enjoy while pregnant. You might be surprised to learn that many everyday food products actually contain trace amounts of alcohol. Orange juice, for example,contains 0,3%-0,4% alcohol. The soy sauce we love to put on sushi? That has alcohol too. Ever eaten a very ripe banana? Then the odds are you consumed some alcohol. Even bread, once baked, can have residual traces of alcohol. Yet all of these are considered alcohol-free from a regulatory standpoint as the amount of alcohol is so minimal that it has no impact whatsoever.

    However, if enjoying something that is 0% makes you more comfortable, no problem, we’ve got those too. For that, we recommend our Château del ISH Sparkling Wines. Made from traditional grapes and dealcoholized fully to provide you with a sparkling wine experience with no compromise.

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