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Non-alcoholic Wine, Espumante, 750 ml

89,00 kr

Non-alcoholic Sparkling wine (0%)
Made from classic grapes (Origin: Toledo, Spain)
Recommended serving temperature: 8-10 °C
Sugar: 4.4 g/100 ml
Calories: 24 kcal/100 ml

Château del ISH, Espumante is a bright and bubbly Spanish sparkling white wine made with classic Airén grapes, indigenous to central Spain where it thrives in the hot and dry climate. Airén is known to create simple and refreshing white wines which is why it’s the perfect grape for our alcohol-free Espumante that proudly delivers an authentic non-alcoholic wine experience for the mindful drinker.

Château del ISH, Espumante offers sweet notes of peach and balanced acidity with hints of grapefruit which makes this Spanish sparkling easy to enjoy, and easy to pour another glass.

The grapes are harvested and pressed directly, inoculated with a yeast culture and fermented in steel vats. Following fermentation the wines are gently de-alcoholized in a proprietary vacuum distillation process in order to maintain the distinct properties of the grapes.

An excellent choice for everyday celebrations that also pairs nicely with light fish dishes and spicy asian food.

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Non-alcoholic Wine, Espumante, 750 ml

89,00 kr

Pinot Blanc
Pinot Blanc is a versatile white-wine grape variety that produces medium- to full-bodied style of wine with good acidity. Pinot Blanc's varietal characters include apple and almond, usually at the floury and creamy end of the spectrum.

Clay-limestone soils gives Silvaner wines substantial structure and body, while the cool climate helps prevent acidity levels from dropping too low. Silvaner wines have a distinctively full-bodied style with a whiff of earth and smoke on the nose.

The perfect blend for a non-alcoholic wine.

Alcohol-removed wine. Grape must. Rectified concentrated grape must. Carbon dioxide. Antioxidant: Ascorbic acid. Preservative: Sulphites

Origin of the grapes
Southern Germany, Rheingau

Our unique process
The grapes are harvested and pressed directly, inoculated with a yeast culture and fermented in steel vats. Following fermentation the wines are gently dealcoholized in a proprietary vacuum distillation process in order to maintain the distinct properties of the grapes.

Recommended serving temperature
8-10 degrees celsius

Recommended food pairings

Works well with light fish, shellfish or spicy asian food. Also excellent as an aperitif.

Our non-alcoholic Château del ISH, Sparkling White is considered a demi-sec, medium sweet sparkling wine.

Awarded non-alcoholic wine

Our alcohol-free Château del ISH, Sparkling White has been awarded a bronze medal at the IWSC. Founded in 1969 and with entries from over 90 countries, this is one of the industry's most sought after awards.

  • Why do some of your products contain traces of alcohol?

    The process of extracting flavors from plants sometimes require a small amount of alcohol to release its full flavor. This is why some ISH products are labeled with minimal traces of alcohol. To compare, orange juice and goma dressing contain 0,3%-0,4% alcohol, as does many other everyday products. Therefore it's perfectly safe to consume alcohol-free products labelled with less than 0,5% alcohol, also if you are pregnant.

  • Is ISH safe to enjoy while pregnant?

    All ISH products are perfectly safe to enjoy while pregnant. You might be surprised to learn that many everyday food products actually contain trace amounts of alcohol. Orange juice, for example,contains 0,3%-0,4% alcohol. The soy sauce we love to put on sushi? That has alcohol too. Ever eaten a very ripe banana? Then the odds are you consumed some alcohol. Even bread, once baked, can have residual traces of alcohol. Yet all of these are considered alcohol-free from a regulatory standpoint as the amount of alcohol is so minimal that it has no impact whatsoever.

    However, if enjoying something that is 0% makes you more comfortable, no problem, we’ve got those too. For that, we recommend our Château del ISH Sparkling Wines. Made from traditional grapes and dealcoholized fully to provide you with a sparkling wine experience with no compromise.

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