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We believe everyone deserves a drink.

Regardless of the occasion being solo or social we make it easy for you to enjoy your favorite drinks without alcohol and with no compromise. We do so by creating superior drinks that deliver award-winning taste, bridging playfulness with mindfulness and facilitating occasions that fulfill both.

ISH offers one of the world’s broadest and most award-winning ranges of non-alcoholic wine, spirits and cocktails that all deliver on the experience we know and love, but with one major difference – no alcohol. 

The ISH range gives you the freedom to choose. It doesn’t have to be 5 o’clock somewhere for you to enjoy your wine moment. Bubbly for breakfast? We say go for it! You can blend our spirits with your favorite mixers to create those classic cocktails – buzz-free. Or, you can use them in conjunction with other spirits, allowing you to simply reduce your alcohol consumption. You can also grab our premixed canned cocktails for on the go, wherever you are and wherever you’re going. Easy, right? 

Est. 2018

ISH was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2018 by Morten Sørensen. Morten wanted to make it easy to say “yes” to going out for drinks, and “yes” to a productive day after. That's how ISH was born, a mindful drinking company focusing on providing the best non-alcoholic experiences.

Award-winning products

With more than 40 international taste awards, we are proud to offer one of the most awarded alcohol-free product ranges in the world. And although we have some of the best products on the market, we always strive to improve which is why you may experience some differences in the ISH products over the years.

The journey

What started as an idea quickly became one of the largest and most award-winning non-alcoholic brands in the world. Our team, consisting of product development, supply chain, sales and marketing experts, is lead by F&B veteran Peter Bruun as CEO and René Vind Ludwigs as Chairman of the board.

We are serving our NA drinks in 15 markets (and counting), we are served at some of the best restaurants and most progressive hotels in the world and although we have accomplished a lot, we continue to raise the bar for what's possible within the world of alcohol-free.

Stay stirsty. Stay mindful.

Social responsibility and sustainability

Besides a responsible supply chain where our recyclable materials has minimal impact on the planets resources, our main SDG contribution consists in the advancement of a healthier global alcohol culture.

Did you know that 13 of the 17 Global Goals are undermined by alcohol (see WHO report)? That's a serious problem.

We like to inspire a healthier alcohol culture by making mind-blowing, non-alcoholic options widely available to the consumer. That's our contribution and why we've created a mindful drinking company.

Familiar flavor

We believe that the most satisfying experience, when you are in the mood for a cocktail, is the one that gives you that familiar flavor that you’re used to. That's why, we prioritize familiar flavor as one of the most important aspects, in everything we do.

Natural ingredients

Nature is our source. We use a range of plants and botanicals to create our award-winning drinks. Through different techniques, we extract, distill and steam our plants to obtain the familiar flavors we are proud to deliver.

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